2017        Temporary Exhibition Room at Fuerte San Cristobal, “Popol Vuh/ Pop Wuj”, Gracias, Lempira, Honduras. 

2016        Toronto Center for the Arts, Lower Gallery, “Cosmovision Maya”,  Toronto, Canada.

2016        National Identity Museum (MIN), Popol Vuh/ Pop Wuj, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

2015        José Gorostiza Gallery, “Popol Wuj / Entre la memoria y la creatividad ”, Méxican Embassy, Guatemala.

2014        National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of Guatemala, “Pop Wuj”, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

2013        Mezanine Cine Teatro Universitario Joaquín Lanz, “Entrelazados” UAC, Campeche, Mexico.

2013        Wychwood Gallery, “Retrospective”, Toronto, Canada.

2013        Articsók Gallery, “Encounters”, Toronto, Canada.

2011        Spence Gallery, “Worlds within worlds”, Toronto, Canada.

2010        Casa de la Cultura Tulum, “Memorias acarreadas por el viento”, Q. Roo, Mexico.

2008        Studio Taller, “08”, open Studio, Toronto, Canada.

2006        Apostolis Gallery, “Prospectos”, Toronto, Canada

2005        Centro Cultural Agora del Parque Naucalli, “Contornos”, Mexico

2005        Gallery 1313, “AlterNatives”, Process Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2005        Canadian Heritage Ontario Region office, "Fluid Expression" Toronto, Canada




2018        Peter Mackendrick Community Gallery, “Cuando el Tecolote Canta”, Toronto, Canada

2017        Gallery1313, “scene NOT herd”, Toronto, Canada.

2017        Peter Mackendrick Community Gallery, “Under one Roof”, Toronto, Canada.

2017        Toronto Center for the Arts, Lower Gallery, “Nowruzgan”, Toronto, Canada.

2016        Peter Mackendrick Community Gallery, “Dia de los Muertos: El Arte de los Vivos” Toronto, ON.

2015        Mercedes Benz Financial Services Art Show, Mississauga, ON, Canada.

2015        Sur Gallery, LACAP, Toronto, Canada.

2014        2nd National Painters Biennale, J.A. Monroy, Guadalajara, Mexico.

2014        Galeria Huron Azul, “Evento Ramon”, Manicaragüa, Cuba. 

2013        Spence Gallery,Affordable Art Fair”, México.

2013        Muskoka Place Gallery, “Exchange”, Huntsville, ON, Canada

2013        “IMAGINE”, organized by LACAP, Toronto, Canada.

2012        Spence Gallery,Affordable Art Fair”, NYC, U.S.A.

2012        Twist Gallery, “The big art show”, by Five Lovely Guys, Toronto, Canada.

2012        Glendon Gallery, York University, “Itineraries”,  Festival of images and words, T.O. Canada.

2012        Fran Hill Gallery, “Artoronto”, Toronto, ON. Canada.

2012        Gladstone Hotel Gallery, “OCAD University Alumni Exhibition”, Toronto, Canada

2012        International Museum of Modern Art of São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo, Brazil.

2012        Spence Gallery,Affordable Art Fair”, LA, California, U.S.A.

2011        Mike’s Museum,  “Open skull open”,  Massachusetts, U.S.A.

2011        Gallery 1313, “Rythms of the earth”, Toronto, Canada.

2011        The Blue Moon,  by Five lovely Guys, Toronto, Canada

2011        Club Alpino Chipinque, “Colectiva de Otoño” , Monterrey, N.L. México.

2011        Spence Gallery, AAFNYC, New York City, U.S.A.

2011        Gallery 1313, “Beyond our roots”, Toronto, Canada.

2011        Galerie Gabriel, “Inaugural exhibition”, New Jersey, U.S.A.

2011        Londsdale Gallery, “Rudele Artists Residency”, Toronto, Canada

2011        Galeria Escamilla, “El Caracol Rosado” , Tulum, Q.Roo, Mexico

2011        Artscape Triangle Gallery, “Every which way”, Toronto, Canada.

2011        Ben Navaee Gallery, “Orchestra”, Toronto, Canada.

2010        Koffler Gallery, “Bookmark Project 2010: Amulet”, Toronto, Canada.

2010        Casa de la Cultura Tulum, “Quelonios Ak”, Q. Roo, Mexico.

2010        The Art Space, “Celebrate”, Huntsville Art Society, Huntsville, On, Canada.

2010        M2 Gallery at Burroughs, “Santo Sangre” by Moos Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2010        Chelsea Art Museum, “Open portfolio” by Frere independent, New York City, U.S.A.

2010        Japanese Paper Place, “Eight by six”, Toronto, Canada.

2010        Spence Gallery, “Los Pintores”, Toronto, Canada.

2010        OCAD Student Gallery, “Next Big Thing”, Toronto, Canada.

2010        Exhibition Place, Queen Elizabeth Building, “The Artist Project”, Toronto, Canada.

2010        The Arts Project, “Colores de Latinoamérica”, Sunfest's Art Exhibition, London, Canada.

2009        Spence Gallery, “Permanent collection”, Toronto, Canada.

2009        Headbones Gallery, “Paper Salon & Slasher Sale”, Toronto, Canada.

2009        A Space, “Bringing down our dead”, curated by Amelia Jimenez, Toronto, Canada.

2009        Galeria Casa de la Cultura Tulum, “Quelonios Ak”, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

2009        VMAC Gallery, “Paper Planes” SAVAC Juried group exhibition, Toronto, Canada.

2009        Vuk Gallery, “Trisc Residency Art show” Trisc, Serbia.

2009        Spence Gallery, “4th Anniversary”, Toronto, Canada.

2009        Arta Gallery, “Color is my Day”, Toronto, Canada.

2009        Artscape Wychwood Barns Gallery, “Artist’s show”, Toronto, Canada.

2009        The liberty Grand, “the artist project”, Toronto, Canada

2009        Impressions Art gallery, “The Fusion of Spirit’, Toronto, Canada

2008        Artscape Wychwood Barns, “Open Studio to Official opening”,Toronto, Canada.

2008        Galeria Casa de la Cultura Tulum, “Quelonios Ak”, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

2008        Spence Gallery, “The space between”, Toronto, Canada.

2008        G + Gallery, “Good Edition Series”, Toronto, Canada.

2007        John B. Aird Gallery, “Mistletoe Magic”, Toronto, Canada.

2007        Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Auditorio Jaime Torres Bidet, “El Placer”, Mexico.

2007        Gallery 1313, “AlterToronto” group show organized by LCCA, Toronto, Canada

2007        U of T, Hart House, “Olas Cultural Waves”,Latinamerican Perspective, Toronto, Canada

2007        John B. Aird Gallery, “Drawing 2007” 8th Annual Juried Drawing Exhibition, Toronto.

2006       U of T, Hart House, “Envisioning a Global Americas”, Photo Exhibition, Toronto, Canada.

2006        Propeller, “exMargins”, LCCA, Toronto, Canada.

2006        Toronto City hall Rotunda, “Neekawnisidok”,Presented by ANDPVA, Toronto, Canada

2006        Free Gallery, “The Urban Square Foot Painting Project”, Creative Works Studio, Canada

2006        Headbones Gallery, “Narrative?”, Toronto

2005        Martin Kletzel Gallery, “Toronto International Art Fair”, Canada

2005        John B. Aird Gallery, “Open Water 80”, CSPWC, Toronto, Canada

2005        Espace Perspective, “Kaleidoscope”, Montreal, Canada

2005        Gallery 61 “Our Roots & Beyond”, Toronto, Canada

2004        Centro Civico del Zaidin, “Muestra Internacional”, Granada, Spain

2004        Gallery 1313, “Ebb & Flow”, Toronto

2004        Art Company Inc., “Go west”, Toronto

2004        Propeller, “Ambrosia”, Toronto

2003        Java Giovanile, ‘‘Moduli multipli’’, Florence, Italy

2002        Java Giovanile, ‘‘Moduli multipli’’, Florence, Italy

2002        City Hall, “Multicultural”, Toronto

2002        Acadia Gallery, “Fronteras/Frontiers”, Toronto




2008-    Director and Founder of Dia de los Muertos Celebration at  Artscape Wychwood Barns, Toronto, Canada

2017        Toronto Arts Council Jury participation for Newcomers Grant.

2016        Arte re-currente, artist talk and workshops at MUNAE organized by Mexican consulate in Guatemala

2014        Artistic Director of a ceremony and celebration of a “Dia de los muertos”, T.O. Canada

2013        Artistic Director of a ceremony and celebration of a “Dia de los muertos”, T.O. Canada

2012        Participation creating a Mexican Altar for Nelly Furtado video clip “Waiting for the night”.

2012        “The Photograph”, Documentary by Manfred Becker, Infield Fly Productions, Canada.

2012        Artistic Director of Dia de los Muertos Ceremony, Artscape Wychwood Barns.

2011        “Les fetes internationals du Theatre”  Scenary of Skulls of Posada, Vallefield, Quebec, Canada.

2011       Artist Talk at primary school in Uaxactun, Guatemala.

2007        Performance “Illegal migration” presented at International Refugee Day for non is at OISE U of T

2007        Enter-gration, “2007 Emerging artist series”, presented by FADO performance Inc., Toronto Free Gallery.

2006        Collaborate in the book project “State of Mind between the lines” Pictures and words by Etobicoke youth.

2006        Crew and production team of the “Festival of Lights” produce by Red Pepper Spectacles Arts, T. O., Canada

2006        Coordinator of an Altar for Day of the Dead, invited by Mexican consulate, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

2006        Double Date, Tableau Vivant, collaborative Performance presented by SAVAC and AKA Gallery,Saskatoon.

2006        Performance Illegal Migration in 3 Day Latin Festival “Beyond our Roots- Fusion” at Drake Hotel

2006        Gegwah, workshop production, participation with the Set, Costume, Prop and Production Team Red Pepper Spectacle Arts,  


2006        Colorin Colorado Kid’s Festival, Children’s Engraving Workshop, Toronto

2006        Committee of visual art exhibition for the Festival “Ritmo y Colour”, Harbourfront Centre. Toronto.

2006        Art City, Summer Kid’s Workshops, Plasticine, Toronto , Canada.

2006        Uprising Documentary Festival 2006, “Grain of Sand”, Artist talk and exhibition.

2005        First Latin American Youth Forum on Violence Prevention offered by “Mujer Organization” Printing Workshop for a image              

                of a world without violence, Toronto, Canada

2005        Collaboration with illustrations in a commemorative book of the poet Alejandro Cruz Martinez, Oaxaca, Mexico.

2005        Artist Talk at Canadian Heritage Ontario Region office, Toronto, Canada.

2003        Involved in a social event ,“Venere Biomeccanica”, Italy

2002        Participation in a mural of a short film, “Winter Sun”, Toronto




2020        Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant.

2017        Ontario Arts Council, midcareer Grant.

2015        Canada Council for the Arts Research and Creation Grant.

2014        CONACULTA International Travel Grant Guatemala.

2013        CONACULTA International Travel Grant Mexico.

2012        Ontario Arts Council Writer’s Reserve Grant.

2011        Fellowship John Simon Guggenheim Foundation.

2010        Viewer’s Chioce Award, Huntsville Art Society.

2010        Ontario Arts Council Access and Career Development Grant

2010        Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Asssistance Grant

2008        Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant

2006        Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Asssistance Grant

2006        Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant

2004        CSPWC Julius Griffith Memorial Award

2004        Gallery 76

2004        Cultural Association “Valentin Ruiz Aznar”, Granada, Spain

                 Third Prize Ex-Aequo.




2018        Self-Directed, Banff Center for the Arts and Creativity

2013-2014    Evento Ramon, Manicaragüa, Cuba

2009        Trisc Residency, Trisc, Serbia.


Reviews/ Publications/ Interviews


2009/-    Founder and Co-Director of Dia de los Muertos Celebration at Artscape Wychwood Barns. 

2018        El Excelsior de Mexico, review about the Day of the Dead in Canada.

2016        El Heraldo de Guatemala, review about Arte re-currente organized by MUNAE and Mexican consulate.

2016        El Heraldo de Honduras, interview for the exhibition at the National Identity Museum (MIN).

2014        Prensa libre , exhibition  at National Museum of Archaeology and ethnology” Guatemala.

2013        Novedades Campeche, Interview for exhibition at Universidad Autonoma de Campeche, Mexico

2013        Radio Canada Internacional, Interview with the artist, Canada.

2012        Espanglish TV Network, Interview about Dia de los muertos Celebration.

2012, Virtual magazine, Canada.

2011        Diario Expresiones, Tulum, Q Roo, Mexico.

2011        Aqui Sali, interview for a magazine and radio, April, Tulum, Q. Roo, Mexico

2010        Ondas Hispanas Radio, Interview about Mayan culture and Calendar. Toronto, Canada.

2010        Town Crier, Arts & Entertainment art Review, Toronto, Canada.

2010        The Forester, review of a group exhibition at “The Art Space”, Sept, 1st 2010  Huntsville, ON, Canada.

2010        NAISA Radio 106.1 FM, interview of Artscape Wychwood barns residents,  Toronto, Canada.

2009        The Star / Critic’s Choice “Bringing down our death” by Peter Goddard, Dec 10, T.O. Canada.

2009        Blic, Daily News Paper,Art Review of Trsic Art colony, July, 2009, Serbia.

2008        Correo Canadiense, Artscape Wychwood Barns Review, December 2008. T.O. Canada.

2007        Canoe Live, SUN TV / Quebecor Media Inc./ Interview about the Alter-Toronto exhibit. Canada.

2007        Galeria Directorio Cultural, Arte Latino en Toronto 2007, 1st Issue.

2006        Correo Canadiense / Art Review from Nov 17th, 2006

2006        106.5 Fm Aboriginal Radio / AVR Art Review Canada, exhibition Prospectos.

2006        Correo Canadiense / Review of “Latinoamerica 2006”.

2005        The Globe and Mail / Review of “Alternatives” exhibition at 1313 Gallery

2005        Excelsior / Article of exhibition at Agora Naucalli, Mexico

2004        Toronto Sun / Interview for Article on the Day of the Death, Harbourfront Centre

2004        Artery Magazine / People on Focus





01-04       Ontario College Of Art & Design, Diploma Drawing & Painting, Toronto

02-03       Ontario College Of Art & Design, Florence program, Italy

1999        Toronto Board of Education, Illustration & Cartooning with Mark Thurman, Toronto

1999        Mentor Antonio Mandarin, Learning “alebrijes” technique, Oaxaca, Mexico.

1998        Toronto School of Art, Life Drawing and Life Painting, Toronto

1996        Casa de la Cultura, Drawing & Painting, Mexico

1996        Unidad Cuahutemoc, Drawing, Mexico

1992        Kodak, Black & White Photography, Mexico

1991        UNITEC Mexican Technological University, Marketing Degree, Mexico

j. mora

was born in México in June 1971

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