Artist Statement 



Mora's work originates from life itself, unification and the infinite. 

Depicts action intertwined with the next one and the eternal the same way every sound and every space merge one into another. Like molecules in the microscopic world are part of us as well as bacteria, proteins, our own body, trees, the garbage, nature, the planets, the universe and people.

The results of Mora's creative process are a body of work combining organic shapes through fantasy that resembles nature, dreams, imagination, mythology and history. The subjects of his work has a life cycle of their own, within which are contained the microscopic world and the universe.

Mora's artwork invites into a constant conversation between our selves and our surrounding not only in the material world but also in the subconscious one. 

supported by:

j. mora


Thankful with:
Pollock_Krasner Foundation

for their support specially during this difficul times in humanity. 2020

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